What is the difference between momentum and force?

Although these physical quantities are similar, there is a difference between force and momentum. Force is generally the external action on a body, whether a pulling or a pushing action. Momentum, on the other hand, is the representation of the amount of movement within a moving body. A key difference between force and momentum is that force is the cause of a change in momentum, while momentum is the property that a body exhibits due to its mass and speed.

The difference between force and momentum is that a force acts on objects to cause them to move or change direction, and momentum is the measure of. While both force and momentum are related to the movement of an object, they are different quantities that have their own unique properties and effects. Whereas momentum is the quantity that defines the magnitude of the movement with respect to the mass and speed of the object. In addition to the applied force, acceleration and mass, the momentum of the body in motion is also important in defining the magnitude of the velocity.

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