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About the Course


Our core aims are that the course:

  • Makes physics exciting and relevant
  • Is contemporary in content and modes of delivery
  • Is attractive and accessible to the widest possible variety of students
  • Sets physics in a variety of contexts, illustrating connections with everyday life, people, places and cultures
  • Rewards students for initiative and commitment and allows them to develop their own interests
  • Fully supports and recognizes the use of essential mathematical methods in physics, helping students to understand them
  • Fully supports teachers using extensive tried and tested resources and ongoing support


“…it allows teachers to develop their own teaching style, using resources,
questions, support texts, ideas accordingly, meeting individual
teachers' needs as well as individual pupil needs.”


“Quite apart from the support you get from the resources, and the fact that AP
is forward-looking and adventurous rather than retrospective and timid,
and that it has the enthusiastic support of the Institute of Physics …
you have this community of AP teachers … where we all have the same
enthusiasm and excitement for the subject and where teachers and
examiners share a common purpose.”


“The first thing I did on moving to my current school 12 months ago was to
introduce Advancing Physics into year 12. Some of the then year 13
students were a bit put out that they didn't get to do it. I find that
there is plenty of real physics in there but it is presented in a far
more interesting and relevant way than some 'traditional' courses. The
ICT in the course will help prepare students for both employment and
further study.”